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Geoscientists like our services – we deliver quality, timely Petrophysical answers. Management appreciates our efficiency and value without the “black box”.

NMR Petrophysics offers value-added services that will make your life as a Geoscientist easier.

  • Conventional & unconventional reservoir Petrophysics

  • NMR logging job planning, quality assessment and data processing featuring Logic software

  • Advanced NMR log data processing of all tools from all service companies

  • Training and workshops on NMR job planning, data acquisition, interpretation, and integration with other data

  • Low contrast/low resistivity pay identification

  • Permeability and bound fluid determination without NMR logs

  • In-house training on NMR job planning, quality control, data processing and interpretation

  • Producibility prediction, estimates of relative flow rates of water, oil and gas

  • Log analysis, single and multi-well studies

NMR Petrophysics

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NMR Petrophysics


nmr petrophysics

Recent Projects

  • Pioneering work in Eagleford, Utica, Antrim, Niobrara, Bakken and many other shale plays

  • Part of the discovery team for Eagleford shale play for Conoco/Phillips - principal Petrophysicist for the play during and after initial discovery

  • Experience in most resource plays

  • 170 well East Texas study identified over 500 PDNP zones
  • 50 well NMR log QC and reprocessing project, offshore West Africa, identified several good quality data sets that had been discarded due to quality questions

  • Thousands of tight gas wells and shale gas wells

  • 200 well low resistivity, low contrast unconventional resource project, Rockies

  • Optimized NMR logging procedures worldwide for a major oil company, saving millions of dollars per year, while improving operational efficiency and accuracy of results

  • Developed in-house NMR processing and quality control procedures for a major oil company resulting in massive cost savings in operations and logging costs and quicker turn-around of computed products

  • Designed an optimized NMR logging program for a major oil company in the deepwater GOM resulting in savings of $100,000 per well

  • Multi-well West Africa study used synthetic NMR analysis that indentified bypassed pay

  • Identified bypassed Frio sand in Victoria County, Texas that tested 1 MMCFGPD

  • Multi-well study that used advanced NMR inversion to successfully identify oil-water contacts in oil viscosity ranging from 1 to 300 cp

  • Used synthetic NMR analysis for identification of an overlooked low resistivity zone (Wilcox) that resulted in production of 400 BOPD and 2 MMCFGD with no water

  • Petrophysical analysis on record-depth deepwater GOM well

  • Multi-well study (Vicksburg-Frio) using synthetic NMR analysis that identified several BCF additional gas reserves

  • Multi-well study (Frio) using synthetic NMR analysis that identified bypassed pay

  • Multi-well carbonate study (East Texas) that identified bypassed pay

  • Multi-well study (Venezuela) that identified dozens of bypassed pay opportunities

  • Petrophysical study on deepwater GOM projects

  • Multi-well study (Uintah Basin) that identified overlooked pay zone

  • Identified source of water production in a Frio well using synthetic NMR analysis

NMR logging has provided a new dimension to log analysis by finally providing insight into low resistivity/ low contrast pay, the best permeability indication from logs, and direct identification of fluid type without resistivity. NMR Petrophysics enables clients to get the most from this service through proper job-planning, quality control, and processing/interpretation services. Since NMR logs are not present on all wells, we have developed algorithms to locate by-passed pay and compute permeability from conventional logs.

The principal, Brian Stambaugh, has 35 years experience in wireline and computing center functions with Schlumberger, Numar and NMR Petrophysics. He has processed/supervised the analysis and interpretation of thousands of NMR and unconventional resource data sets in most basins worldwide and has delivered 58 short courses to more than 1000 students. Brian has published articles on NMR logging and has served as SPE Technology Transfer Speaker and SPWLA Distinguished Lecturer.