Advanced NMR Data Processing

The standard T2 from service companies usually is overly smoothed. We use the flexible filtering and inversion options in Logic software to produce the correct T2 results.
  • Isolate oil T2 peaks from a single T2 pass in oil viscosity from under 1 to 1000+ cp
  • Isolate hydrocarbon T2 signals or that of specific pore sizes
  • Perform advanced inversion yielding spate T2 peaks for bound and free fluid allowing for simple determination of T2 cutoff
In the example below (gas on water), the standard inversion results in a rather standard result: uni-modal T2 peak with no clue as to the bound and free fluid volumes. But on the advanced inversion, the bound and free fluid volumes are easily seen as separate peaks. This type of processing may change the way we think about “standard T2 cutoffs”. Lab NMR data can be used for confirmation.
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