Managing Petrophysical Data

Managing log data and other petrophysical data can be a nightmare for many companies. Data can end up scattered among well files and other various places, adding to the frustration of geoscientists. For many of our clients we are able to gather and archive all relevant petrophysical data by well, in a system that is easy to search. Typically new wells are cataloged and the data can be sent via ftp to your own server or ours. Log curves are normalized, spliced and edited from surface to TD for all log runs. Standard log curve names can be used regardless of service company across an entire project. This makes it easy to load logs into programs such as Petra, and to use standardized templates across a project.
Typical data archival includes:

  • Raw Wireline Data
  • Mud Logs
  • Well Reports, Geological Reports, Well Tests
  • LAS Files of Computed and Edited Logs
  • Powerpoint and PDF Files of Computed Logs
  • Net Pay Summary Spreadsheets
  • Cross Sections