Products and Services

NMR Petrophysics provides complete Petrophysical services.

Key services include:

  • Shale analysis
  • Producibility prediction, estimates of relative flow rates of water, oil and gas
  • Petrophysical data management
  • Consistent, reliable net pay tabulation
  • Data editing, synthetic curves such as RHOB and DT
  • We also specialize in processing and interpretation of NMR log data, waveform sonic data, and borehole image data from difficult data sets. We handle NMR data from all services companies and all tools, and can also perform the same type of inversion on core NMR. Default processing parameters are fine for many situations, but they are often inadequate. We specialize in difficult data sets and have a track record of succeeding where others fail.

    We have completed multi-well studies in most basins. Studies were focused on adding value by locating and quantifying bypassed pay, computing permeability and determining net reservoir and net pay. Assistance can be provided in designing effective formation evaluation techniques, nearly always resulting in the location of additional reserves. Several of the studies have been integrated multi-disciplinary studies in conjunction with alliance partners.

    An array of services are available for assistance with NMR logging. These include job planning wellsite or remote quality control of data acquisition, plus data processing and interpretation. NMR logs are expensive. We can help to maximize the return on the dollars spent on NMR logs. We offer a series of workshops on NMR (see Workshops) ranging from 1/2 day to 5+ days.

    All of the data processing and evaluation services are available in a timely basis with turnaround times of a few hours possible for pipe-setting decisions.