Logic Software

Petrophysics Analysis Software

Logic is a complete petrophysical package from Logicom Computer Services UK ltd. featuring:
  • Full conventional log analysis package with interactive petrophysics
  • Outstanding customer support
  • Graphics and graphical interface second to none
  • Big package capabilities at a small package price
  • NMR processing– this is a mature, full featured NMR processing package including:
  • -Robust echo to T2 inversion
  • -Handles NMR data from all service companies, and core data from all companies
  • -Simple log-core comparison of T2 and echo data
  • -Automatic or zone selected averaging/stacking of echo and T2 data
  • -Direct fluid identification capable
  • -NMR response typing
  • Full wave sonic processing
  • Borehole image processing
  • Mapping and cross sections
  • Statistical models, multivariate, clustering, fuzzy predictions
  • Perm predictions
  • Sonic (p and s) predictions
  • Multi-well and batch processing
  • LIS/DLIS, ASCII, LAS input and output
  • Multi-well batch processing
  • SPLOM plots/multi well/multi crossplot on one display
  • Curve statistics/ sensitivity analysis
  • Interactive picking of tops and zonation
  • All standard log analysis features

Logicom has been developing and supporting oil exploration software for over 20 years. In addition to LogIC (petrophysical software with NMR and sonic waveform analysis) and REP ( the industry standard reserves estimation software), Logicom has written many custom programs for clients.